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            Which Echo device?

            Which Echo device is best for you depends on the size of the room, the need for portability, and cost.

            Our pick is the Echo (new or certified refurbished) for the best classroom audio, but the 3rd generation Echo Dot may be sufficient because it has 30% more volume than the previous Echo Dot. For specialists that move around or work with smaller groups of students, the Echo Dot works well.

            If possible within your budget, we highly recommend the Alexa remote for the ability to keep the device muted but still accessible for teachers.

            Echo Dot 3rd generation

            Echo (recommended)

            Echo Dot 2nd generation


            For medium classrooms

            For large classrooms

            For small classrooms



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            Alexa remote


            Alexa remote


            Alexa remote


            Portable battery bases

            The Echo Dot 3rd Generation

            • Pros

              • 30% higher volume than 2nd generation Echo Dot

              • Can connect to bigger speakers through bluetooth or audio cable

              • Reasonably priced at $50 (frequently discounted)

            • Cons

              • May still need more volume power in bigger classrooms, but much better than previous generation

            The Echo (newest version)

            • Pros

              • Can go to a high volume

              • Dolby sound added

              • Certified refurbished available between $70-85

            • Cons

              • $99

            The Echo Dot 2nd Generation


            • Pros

              • Small

              • Potentially portable, with third party manufacturers making battery cases that neatly fit around it

              • Lowest cost ($40 and many discounts available)

            • Cons

              • Limited volume power - can connect to bigger speakers through bluetooth or audio cable

            The Alexa Remote

            • Pros

              • Can work with the Echo device on mute, making the Echo only able to activated by the person holding the remote

              • Good for controlling who uses the Echo

              • Good for removing background noise

              • $30

            • Cons

              • Need to carry the remote (lightweight)

              • Need to press a button on the remote to activate the Echo

            Updated: 13 Feb 2019 04:55 AM
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