Recording your own voice to mp3

            Using a website called you can make recordings of your own voice via a laptop browser fast and easy. 
            Once recorded, you can add it to your Alexa through the site in the Create section of My Class.

            Here’s how:

            1. Open a new tab and go to

            2. After loading, you should see

            If you don’t see it then click on the secure page icon and allow Flash:

            3. “Click to Record”, allow the microphone, and record your message

            4. “Click to Stop”

            Re-record by clicking Retry

            5. Click “Click here to save”

            6. Right-click the MP3 link

            Copy the link address

            7. Paste the link address in the MP3 Url link in Custom My Class

            Updated: 07 Feb 2019 12:58 AM
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