Quick Start Guide to AskMyClass (paid upgrade)

            1. Set up your Echo

            Follow the directions here for the Echo and here for the Echo Dot.

            We recommend using the Alexa app on a smartphone to set up your Echo (it’s easier).


            2. Set up your AskMyClass account

            Click for the AskMyClass signup

            In the Amazon email field, please use the same email connected to your Echo.

            3. Practice without your students first

            Try these phrases:

            Alexa, what is the weather?

            Alexa, flip a coin.

            Alexa, sing Happy Birthday.

            Alexa, sing a song.

            Then try these phrases:

            Alexa, ask Class Picker for a planet.

            Alexa, ask my class to line up.

            Alexa, ask my class to dance.

            Alexa, ask my class to rotate.

            If you are able to get responses to the first set of commands, but not the second set of commands, use this guide to check that the AskMyClass apps are linked to your Echo.

            4. Change some settings in the Alexa app

            Sign in to Alexa.amazon.com with the Amazon account linked to your classroom Echo.


            Open the Menu > Settings

            Turn off Voice purchasing

            In Settings > scroll to Alexa Account > select Voice Purchasing > turn off “Purchase by Voice”

            Turn on Explicit Filter for Music

            In Settings > scroll to Alexa Preferences > select Music & Media > under Account Settings, select Explicit Filter > turn on Explicit Filter

            5. (Optional) Choose your wake word

            The wake word is the word that activates your speaker. By default this is “Alexa”. However, if a student’s name sounds like Alexa, you can pick from 3 other wake words.

            Open Menu > Settings > select your device name > scroll down to General > select Wake word > choose your wake word and click Save.

            6. Print these phrase cards and posters & check out our toolkit

            Phrase cards and posters


            Our toolkit has a week-by-week guide to smoothly integrate Alexa into the classroom along with other printable materials that you may find useful.


            7. Familiarize yourself with our site by viewing this video.

            Updated: 03 Dec 2019 05:57 AM
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