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            How voice technology develops future-ready skills

            1. Critical thinking - finding solutions to problems

            Students practice forming questions to get a reasonable response

            2. Collaboration - working with others

            Taking turns

            Considering others when using an audio device. For example, will this disturb the classroom? Is this an appropriate question to ask? Are we quiet enough so everyone will hear the response?

            3. Communication - talking to others

            Students practice speaking skills - positive reinforcement of good enunciation

            Students practice active listening skills - purely audio modality

            4. Technology literacy - understanding how machines work

            Students gain an understanding of voice technology, including:

            Natural language processing - why does Alexa sometimes not correctly interpret what was said?

            Speech-to-text - how a verbal question is sent as a voice recording and converted to text

            Data processing - for example, why was the weather from a nearby town given instead? How does Alexa know where it is?

            Machine learning and Artificial intelligence - why do Alexa’s answers improve over time?

            Updated: 07 Mar 2019 10:00 AM
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