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            Guide to Music on the Echo

            Alexa is an ideal way to play music in your classroom. Here are the various ways to get music at your fingertips. Please note that these music options aren't through askMyClass, but through Amazon and its partners.


            • Amazon Prime membership lets you hear Prime music through your Amazon Echo for free, but the selection of music is limited.

            • Amazon Music Unlimited plan for the Echo is $3.99 a month (with a 30-day free trial). This plan only works on the Echo (so you can't access it on other devices like laptop or phone). You would manage this subscription directly on your Amazon account, not through askMyClass, but we can show you how to set this up.

            • Amazon Freetime Unlimited is $5.99 a month with Prime membership, with Audible books for kids and songs for kids. It apparently comes with “manners” mode and parental controls. We’ll try it out on release.

            • You can stream Pandora, Spotify, and radio (Tunein, iHeartRadio) through the Echo

              • in the Alexa app or at, tap the menu icon on the top left corner and then tap "Music, Video, & Books".

              • The free version of Pandora is good but it will have advertisements. However, you can play today’s hits, study music, relaxing instrumentals, Greg and Steve, and so on.

            • The Echo is also a bluetooth speaker, which means you can play something on your computer or smartphone or smartboard through the Echo by pairing it with bluetooth (or by physically connecting it with an AV cable).

            Updated: 26 Jul 2018 10:24 PM
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