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            Guide to Donors Choose to fund an Echo Device &/or Echo Remote

            1. If you do not have an account, create one at

            2. Click “Create a project”.

            3. Click the green “Let’s Go” button.

            4. Describe your students and the demographics of your school.

            5. Select your vendor. The smaller your project, the more likely you will be funded.

            6. When completed, the vendor site will close and take you back to

            7. Write a one sentence summary of your request.

            8. As you continue, you will be asked to describe your project…so think about how an Alexa device will impact your classroom and students. Be sure to check for errors.

            9. Once approved, share with family, friends and others. Use social media to get your project noticed.

            10. Thank your donors, no matter how small or how large.

            11. Once fully funded, follow your Thank You package directions very carefully.

            Updated: 12 Feb 2019 05:22 AM
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