Guide to adding your own audio/song to My Class

            Custom My Class lets you add your own .mp3 audio files.

            Here’s how:

            1. Sign in to

            2. In the top menu, select

            3. In the ACTIVITIES selector, select Custom, and click “Add”

            4. Select the type of prompt and click “Create”

            5. For the Ask and Hear Prompt, the following window will popup

            6. Click on the choose command drop down to select the type of activity.

            Select the type of activity based on the command you’d like to say to Alexa.

            For most commands, a second dropdown will open up, next to the first drop down, so you can select the number of the custom activity.

            7. Add a description.

            8. Add a grade and category.

            9. Click Next.

            10. Select audio/music mp3.

            11. Upload an mp3 file, from your computer, a url web link, or a YouTube video link.

            Then, press the sign.

            13. Click Create.

            You’ll see your newly created Custom activity tile.

            You can customize the command by clicking on the edit icon next to the blue command. Try using 1-2 clear words. Here’s a quick guide to the activity card

            For example, upload the clean up song mp3 and rename the command name as “clean up”.

            Updated: 26 Aug 2018 06:50 PM
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