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            Digital Citizenship and Voice Technology Guide

            Step 1 Digital Citizenship Lesson Plan (45-minutes)

            1. Complete the digital citizenship lesson from Common Sense Media for upper elementary and for lower elementary

            2. Slides on how voice technology works

            Step 2 Your Classroom Alexa Rules

            1. Have an open discussion and create rules for using Alexa in your classroom.

            2. Write them up with the word doc or google doc

            Here’s an example of the rules created by Miss DeFilippo’s 4th-grade class.

            Classroom Alexa Rules

            • Use appropriate language

            • Don’t say “Alexa” unless you are supposed to be talking to her

            • Ask her for how to spell words

            • Ask her to clarify/ get information on a topic

            • Do not touch her to adjust volume or to move

            • Use appropriate voice level

            • If you do not follow our rules you can lose your privilege to use Alexa

            • You will get warnings if you use her inappropriately, followed by seeing the principal

            • Do not ask her questions during a test

            • Ask appropriate questions

            • Use the AskMyClass Phrases for prompts

            • Don’t tell her to say bad words

            • Don’t be mean to Alexa

            These rules were established on 10/8/18 by Miss DeFilippo’s Class.

            We will abide by them and be good digital citizens.


            Step 3 Parent Information and Permission

            Share this parent information and permission slip(google doc or word doc)

            Updated: 16 Aug 2019 04:54 AM
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