Creating your own morning or daily briefings

            You can create a quick, daily, morning briefing for your class, manually adding your own information, or using the automatic update feature.

            Here’s what to do:

            1. Sign in to

            2. In the top menu, select

            3. In the ACTIVITIES selector, select Custom

            4. Select Briefing.

            5. In the popup window, click on the choose command drop down to select the command.

            6. Next, you’ll see a list of possible items to add to your daily briefing.

            1. Scroll down list of items to see all of the options.

            2. Next,

              1. Add your own text in the input area and then click the save icon

              2. For some items, click which will create a new entry each day for your daily briefing.

              3. Turn off items that you are not using by clicking . The item will turn grey.

            8. Once you’re done, click Create.

            You’ll see your newly created Custom activity tile.

            You can customize the command by clicking on the edit icon next to the blue command. Try using 1-2 words.

            Updated: 30 Jul 2018 08:04 AM
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