Add your own activities to My Class

            You can add your own words for Alexa to say, such as directions for today’s workshop.

            Here’s how:

            1. Sign in to

            2. Select the My Class tab In the top menu

            3. Select Create in the menu, and click “Add an activity”

            4. Select the “Add Text”

            5. Fill in the details, then click “Next”

            6. Add what you’d like Alexa to say

            7. To add sound effects before or after your text, click the music icons

            Search for a sound, like a drumroll and/or number of seconds then click the plus icon to add the sound

            You can add more than one entry

            8. Pick the speed of Alexa’s speech

            9. If you have more than one entry, you will also pick the sequence for Alexa to say


            10. Click Create

            11. Wait a few minutes for sync to Alexa before saying the phrase.

            Updated: 07 Feb 2019 03:13 AM
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