Guide to getting the most out of AskMyClass (for teachers who have upgraded)

            You are probably excited to use Alexa and AskMyClass with your students this year. At AskMyClass, we’ve worked with many teachers who have had successful outcomes using Alexa and AskMyClass. We’ve taken our learnings and created a ten-week guide on how you might want to introduce Alexa in your class and prepare students for how it will be used.

            This guide to getting the most out of AskMyClass for school (K-6) and preschool includes:
            • 10 weeks of lesson plans to make the integration of Alexa a natural process.
            • A checklist of things to try each week.
            • Printable commands page to make it easier to remember what to say.

            Optimal Usage of Guide
            • Use at least 4-5 activities each day to build routine
            • Use exact words for phrases to get correct activity from Alexa (phrase cards)
            • Use guide at your own pace
            • Check off each activity after you’ve done it. If you miss one within the week go back and try it out
            • As a class write down your favorite AskMyClass activities so you can try them again!

            Updated: 03 Dec 2019 06:18 AM
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