AskMyClass Pricing

            Free (scroll -> for Paid)

            Access to popular Classroom Management activities on the My Class Alexa skill

            “Alexa, ask my class...

            • to dance”

            • for a 2-minute music countdown”

            • to calm down”

            • for mindfulness”

            • for a sharing question”

            • for a daily affirmation”

            • for background music”

            Access to the premade random picker categories on the Class Picker skill

            E.g. “Alexa, ask class picker for a compliment”

            • Other categories include: fruit, country, animal, farm animal, color, letter, planet, number, small number, body break

            Click here for the printable phrases included in the free version of AskMyClass.


            Become a voice member which means:

            Access to the AskMyClass site to

            • with over 60 activities from timers, transitions, social-emotional learning, and lesson support

            • Create your own

              • Class Picker e.g. add your class list for Alexa to pick, or group, students randomly.

              • Add your own briefing, spelling, instructions, music, transitions

            Access to the AskMyClass Teacher Community group on Facebook to collaborate and share ideas with other innovative teachers

            Weekly guide and toolkit to getting the most out of Alexa and AskMyClass.

            Click here for the printable phrases included in the paid version of AskMyClass.

            The cost of voice membership is $20 per teacher per school year.
            For school and district pricing please contact us at for a quote.

            Updated: 07 Feb 2019 05:32 AM
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